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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint – Washing Your Clothing

Summary  Hot water accounts for 75 to 90% of all energy used while washing clothing. Switching to a cold water wash can;Reduce your carbon footprint by 1600 lbs. of CO2 annually. Save $60-160 a year in energy costs.Increase the lifespan of your clothing because hot water strips dyes and shrinks fabrics. Water is a fascinating… Read More »Reducing Your Carbon Footprint – Washing Your Clothing

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint 2 – What’s a Watt?

We have all been there. That annoying beeping sound, hitting snooze, more beeping, and more snoozing. Finally, you realize you are late, the panic sets in, and you hurry out the door. Hours later when you return home you realize you left the lights on and you think “how much energy did I just waste?”… Read More »Reducing Your Carbon Footprint 2 – What’s a Watt?

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint 1 – Temperature

The average American household uses about 12 megawatt hours of power every year. The majority of this usage is in the forms of heating and cooling. You may have heard the common phrase “if you adjust your thermostat by 1 degree, you will save 10% on your energy bill.” In truth, it’s closer to 6-8… Read More »Reducing Your Carbon Footprint 1 – Temperature

Newsletter 1 – Wildfires

Wildfires are an ecological disaster, and unfortunately their frequency and severity are increasing. Wildfires caused billions of dollars in damage and burned 1.9 million acres in California in 2018. The Amazon rainforest in Brazil was plagued by wildfires, burning approximately 2.2 million acres. Australia is still on fire. It has been widely reported that these… Read More »Newsletter 1 – Wildfires

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